Adam Levine

I’m a travel photographer so choosing a hotel for me is not that simple – it should be something that will look perfect on images. I found Aquenro as a masterpiece, it gives beautiful views, unique rooms decoration, stunning exterior, and lots of other amenities. I enjoyed so many happy moments!

Stacy Palmer

This is not the first time we choose Aquentro for our business visit to USA, it’s just a super awesome apartment! Everything is so special – from rooms decorations to restaurant and gym. I’m very pleased to be a client of Aquentro and dream to get there one more time soon! I recommend it!

Byron Branks

I’m from Scandinavia and have been waiting for a trip to New York City for a long time. I’m so happy I managed to find Aquentro – it’s the best place for a long-term stay! These guys know how to make you feel like a celebrity!